Founded in no particular place, Mochi is a decentralized home to all flavors of outsider.

We are an interdependent organization of activists, audiophiles, designers & engineers, seekers & advisors, cyberfeminists & cryptonerds, film snobs, accountants & art-y flaneurs, unstoppable memelords & funtellectuals.

Collectively, we believe in a lot of things. But above all - we believe in sticking together.

Our members are digital natives in eleven countries across three continents: USA, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Australia, Ukraine, UK.

Applications to the club are currently closed. In the meantime, you are welcome to join our weekly public events:

  • Movie Time
    Sundays at 7:30pm EDT
    [ local]
  • Classic Albums by Women Listening Party
    Thursday (biweekly) at 8.30pm EDT
    [ local]
  • Movement Mechanics Class
    Thursday (biweekly) at 8.30pm EDT
    [ local]

Club goods:

(n.) - a subtype of public goods that are excludable but non-rivalrous

  • Remote-friendly systems for building atomic habits, powered by balls of sticky rice.
  • A member-curated library of high definition film and high fidelity music. We might be made of rice, but we do have taste.
  • Invitations to private events, workshops and journeys hosted by our members.

Apply for membership ᵔᴥᵔ